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SEIDŌ (say doe) is from the two Japanese characters SEI for "right" or "correct"; and DŌ for "road" or "path." We are rooted in the concept of the Right Path which is the Middle Way promoted in Buddhist philosophy.

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Newsletter Archive

Below are past issues of Pathways to Success, a monthly newsletter by SEIDŌ Consulting that supports the mission of helping individuals and organizations find their Right Path to greater success.

July 2015 – Three Fundamental Tenets of Leadership

June 2015 – Leadership Revisted

May 2015 – Failing to Succeed

April 2015 – VISION, MISSION and VALUES in Strategic Business Planning

March 2015 – Self-Aware Leaders

February 2015 – Authenticity in Leadership

January 2015 – A New Year's Tradition - SHO CHIKU BAI

December 2014 – Really Good Listening Habits Are Hard to Find

November 2014 – The Soft Skills of Leadership

October 2014 – Leadership

Sepember 2014 – Life's Balancing Act

August 2014 – A Great Time to Stock

July 2014 – Transformational Learning

June 2014 – Change and Transition

May 2014 – Goal Aligning

April 2014 – Organizational Change

March 2014 – The Power of Forums

February 2014 – Strategy Making - Strategy Planning

January 2014 – 2014: A New Year

December 2013 – Fail to Succeed

November 2013 – It's Time to Update

October 2013 – SELL is a Four-letter Word

September 2013 – Why Engage a Business Coach

August 2013 – LEADERS and MANAGERS

July 2013 – Assessment and Appreciative Enquiry, Time for Reflection

June 2013 – Change and Transition, Moving Beyond the Status Quo

May 2013 – A Life that is a Tortoise's Beautiful Patterned Shell, Inner Awareness

April 2013 – The TRIPLE A's: Awareness, Authenticity and Appreciation, The Great M's of Success: Mentoring, Masterminding, Marketing and Motivation

March 2013 – Creating Sustainable Communities, The Opportunities of Sustainability

February 2013 – Leadership, Growing the Leader Within Us

January 2013 – Goal Achieving in 2013, The Driving Force of Personal Goals

December 2012 – Corporate Values: Giving Back, Values Build Successful Business

November 2012 – Four Essential Elements of an Innovation Strategy, Innovation: The Number One Skill for Success

October 2012 – 2013 Business Planning, Finish Strong

September 2012 – Continuing on the Path to Success: Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone, Become Fearless Doing the Doing

August 2012 – BUYING versus SELLING, A Simple Sales Strategy: Define What Selling Is!

July 2012 – Pursuing the American Dream, The Driving Force of Personal Goals, Courage to Succeed

June 2012 – Time for a Dashboard Survey, 'Shifts' to Help You in Times Good or Bad, Three Must-See Keys For Expanding Your Business

May 2012 – The Art of the Open-Ended Question, Developing Peak Performers, The Value of a Coaching Relationship

April 2012 – Getting Beyond Being Busy, Why Businesses Succeed, The ABC's of Success


I GOTTA BE ME by Steve Terusaki

At a recent quarterly meeting of my business colleagues, the kick-off keynote address was titled, “Purpose and Positioning – Why You Do What You Do” and the song, “I Gotta Be Me” by the late Sammy Davis, Jr. was played front and center. For the three days of meetings, that “catchy” tune was always with me. I’d find myself humming it when I’d least expect it and I continue to do so, now.
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