Partnering with You to Find the Right Path for Achieving Success


"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."



"SEIDŌ Consulting helped us understand that passion for work is only part of the business equation. We now balance healthy personal lives based on a well-organized business model."
– Smith + Murray Studios







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At the core of our efforts is the philosophy that everyone in the organization is a LEADER. Our definition of a leader is simple and straightforward – an individual who has the ability to set goals and ACHIEVE DESIRED RESULTS. Leadership is no longer about possessing certain personal characteristics, but rather about doing things that lead to positive change. This happens at all levels in the organization: from the CEO to Executive leaders; from Project Managers, Analysts, and Research Scientists to Administrative Assistants and IT staff; and ultimately to the clerks in the file/copy rooms of the organization. Making this shift in thinking is fundamental to an organization’s effectiveness: all individuals within the organization truly become valued assets; mutual respect develops for superiors, subordinates and peers; and investment in employee growth and development becomes imperative. Each individual’s ability to effect positive change in their role, aligned with the goals of the organization, is critical to increased performance of the entire organization.

The Star Model

The STAR model delivers optimal value and positive organizational results by creating, identifying, and implementing:

  • A strategic plan that addresses your present realities and your anticipated needsfor the next three to five years.
  • The “right” (i.e. customized) organizational structure to enable the strategic objectives to be accomplished effectively.
  • The assessment tools to ensure that the right people are in the right jobs to bring their strengths to bear for the team.
  • The appropriate processes to enable people to be successful.
  • An effective employee reward and recognition system that leads to desired end-state results being delivered to clients.
  • Clear and consistent communications across all levels of the organization to enable successful accomplishment of your organization’s strategic goals.

These elements combined with strong, cohesive leadership across the organization will create an environment of continuous process improvement and positive results.

The ultimate benefit will be a loyal customer base which is a key driver behind any business success.


SEIDŌ (say doe) is from the two Japanese characters SEI for "right" or "correct"; and DŌ for "road" or "path." We are rooted in the concept of the Right Path which is the Middle Way promoted in Buddhist philosophy.

Who We Are

SEIDŌ Consulting is a business and management consulting practice helping individuals and organizations find their “Right Path” to address the organizational and business challenges facing them.

We offer a unique set of skills and processes to help you discover and surface what it is that you already know and understand. We are not “content” consultants spoon-feeding you our recommended solution; but rather we serve as a catalyst to help you focus and deliver on the goals and objectives that you identify as most important. We come to the table with our significant years of business experience, using that experience as background for the issues and challenges facing you in your unique situation. We partner with you to implement what you say you will do; and through “spaced repetition” we work with you as an accountability agent to ensure that your goals and objectives achieve the results that you desire.

Foundational to our approach is our definition of a leader. We offer you a holistic view of the planning, people and processes within your organization with an end goal to ensure that you are cultivating loyal customers that will drive your success – these interdependencies are captured in our Star Model.

We are affiliated with Resource Associates Corporation, a world-class leader in business and management consulting and leadership development based in Reading, Pennsylvania; and part of a network of over 800 consultants with whom we share experience, talent and expertise from a broad array of industries, services and business challenges.

Contact us to become a partner with SEIDŌ Consulting to help you find your “Right Path.”