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Leadership Development

Seeking ways to “up your game” as a leader? Our program addresses Emotional Intelligence; Communication Skills; Delegation, Diversity & Inclusion, Time Management and Strategic Thinking – all elements that are important in your role as a successful Leader.

Executive Coaching

Overwhelmed, lacking mentorship, struggling to be an effective leader? An Executive Coach becomes your Trusted Advisor/Mentor; your Sounding Board and Accountability Partner giving you someone in your corner to help you see the invisible and unblock what is keeping you from your best.

Peer Forums

In need of a group that can be your personal board of directors? Forums provide the opportunity to process issues that are most important in your professional and personal life within a confidential setting among 8 to 10 of your trusted peers.

Strategic Planning

Is your last Strategic Plan sitting on your shelf gathering dust? Planning is only effective if you are working on your ACTION steps to realize your VISION. Reboot with our process that can be as simple as a two-page plan that can move you forward.

Goal Planning

Personal and organizational goals not being met? We offer a way to effectively achieve your objectives through a process of articulating Rewards and Consequences, identifying Obstacles and strategies to overcome them, and a public commitment to a DUE DATE with an accountability agent.

Behavioral Assessments

Assessments are a tool that we use to provide insights into What, Why and How we behave. These assessments are particularly valuable in Leadership Development and Executive Coaching and are incorporated into those services. The Assessments can also be important in Team Building and creating community in Peer Forums.

SEIDŌ Consulting is excited to introduce the newly focused Haas Alumni Forums for the UC Berkeley community.

Haas Leadership Forums help business leaders gain perspective on challenging issues and create transformational professional and personal growth.

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